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A boy becomes a hero and forms a ragtag team while defeating a dark overlord. A story about clichés, oddities, and the unoriginality of mankind.

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The Sciences, Part 6
The Sciences, Part 6

April 29th, 2009, 4:36 pm


Apologies for the late post - I completely forgot today was supposed to be EpicSaga day. It's all better now, though.

So, here we have the name of our Great and Powerful Wizard, Kevin. As I'm sure I've said someplace, he was the first character I came up with, both in image and name. I guess it's a sort of Monty Python-esque reveal, though I wish I'd done it a bit better. Namely with the art, but... there you go.

I think after this chapter, I'm gonna change the layout. The strip is just too small and cramped. Maybe I'll go back to Mel&Mac's boxes?

April 9th, 2009, 8:03 pm

The Legend of Legendia

Okay, I admit, I developed this so I could write a fantasy with many cliches, and justify it in that I'm mocking them. Let's face it, I can't think of a fantasy without thinking, "Damn, somebody already did that!" Or finding out later and realizing, "Damn, somebody already did that!?"

I'm sure this will be the same, but I hope it is unique in itself.

I'm making a sort of split from my usual stuff in Melody & Macabre. The character designs are a bit different, and I'm definitely going to be using more color (I think I'll stick to monotone for memories and special effects, haha).

All in an effort to strengthen my art skills! Of which I have very little to begin with.

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